RoundUp Lawsuits

Exposure to RoundUp Can Cause Cancer

RoundUp, manufactured by Monsanto, is the most widely used herbicide in America. The chemical is applied to farming crops, landscaping and lawns to eliminate weeds. Inhalation or skin exposure to RoundUp has been shown to cause an increased risk of cancer and other serious ailments.

Agricultural workers and people who lived near farms where RoundUp was used have the highest risk of serious injury.

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Potential Health Problems

Monsanto has known that Glyphosate could be dangerous since the 1970’s, when their own safety testing suggested potential health problems.

Regardless, Monsanto worked to convince the public for decades that RoundUp and Glyphosate were safe for farmers to use and spray on food products.

If farm and agricultural workers had been adequately warned about the potential risks of working with RoundUp and Glyphosate, they may have been able to take steps to reduce their exposure.

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The Miller Firm Can Help

The Miller Firm is currently evaluating cases involving non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other lymphatic cancers. If you or someone you know developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after frequent exposure to RoundUp, you could be entitled to compensation.
Our goal is to help families injured by exposure to RoundUp get the answers they need and obtain financial compensation to support their family and pay for expenses associated with cancer treatment.

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Does RoundUp Cause Cancer?

Several studies conducted in 1999, 2008, and most recently, this year have suggested that Glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp, is a potential human carcinogen and may double a person’s chances to develop Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Do I Qualify?

If you are interested in joining our lawsuit against Monsanto, the first step is to contact one of our attorneys so we can review your case. Anyone exposed to RoundUp may be eligible to join this lawsuit. Our legal team will work with you to gather the details of your case and get you the answers you need.

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